The Vital Art of Making Space

How to write for greater emotional meaning, self-empathy and change

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What is expressive writing?

How to write

The difference comes by way of self-distancing. Write as if you’re locked into your story, and you may write yourself into a place of increased rumination and anxiety. Write from a place where you can see the bigger picture, however, and you may improve your emotional and physical health as well as let go of negative behaviours and habits.

What is self-distancing?

What’s the difference between self-immersed and self-distanced writing?

Why is self-distancing so important?

Psychological improvements

Behavioural improvements

Physiological improvements

Five ways to practice self-distancing

Option 1: Self-distance using imagery

Option 2: Invite an “important other” into the scene

Option 3: Avoid using the pronoun “I”

Option 4: Focus on your future self

Option 5: Use another narrative

Keeping it beautiful

CEO and co-founder of Betwixt: a guided interactive adventure that helps you build mental resilience ( Author of “The Mind Monster Solution”.

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