Dream Unicorns & Imaginary Shadows

Why Your Eyes Tell You Lies

Image: Hazel Gale

Sleepy fantasies

What the brain adds

Image credit: Randy Jacob

More than just pictures

Knowing the real

“The only way we can perceive the nouminal world is by its effects on the phenomenal world. Therefore, the world we experience as external to our bodies is not actually the world itself, but only an internal virtual reality replica of that world generated by perceptual processes within our head.”

The role of identity and self-image

Hallucination as an acquired skill

Image credit: Sebastien Millon

What can we do about it?

Taking another perspective

Which version of “reality” would best serve me here?

CEO and co-founder of Betwixt: a guided interactive adventure that helps you build mental resilience (www.betwixt.life). Author of “The Mind Monster Solution”.

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