A therapist and a science writer look at the issues with wellness apps and argue for a radical new approach.

Photo by Lorenzo Herrera

The happy-family aspirational blueprint is a farce. It’s time to make a decision for yourself.

Photography: Amy Shamblen/Unsplash

How to escape the distraction trap and train your mind to flow

Bella Jones (right) boxing Claire Edwards in 2017. Fun fact: Bella and I fought each other for a British title in 2010. To this day, it remains my favourite bout. Unfortunately, the photos aren’t as good as this one. Image credit: Sam Riley.

How to write for greater emotional meaning, self-empathy and change

Image credit: LUM3N

Why Your Eyes Tell You Lies

A six-step process for generating true drive

Image credit: Samuel Zeller

Image credit: Andrew Ridley

How to Unearth the Joys of Wonder, Awe and Epiphany

“The Destroyed Room” by Jeff Wall, 1978

On death, longing and little glimpses of more

How to beat the failure formula

Five powerful questions for winning freedom from self-sabotage

Hazel Gale

Therapist, and co-creator of Betwixt, the interactive novel that helps you make sense of yourself (www.betwixt.life). Author of “The Mind Monster Solution”.

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